The Benchmark for Exoskeletons



MAX wins Chairman's Choice in Annual BIG Innovations Awards.

suitX launches industrial exoskeletons to reduce work-related injury risks:  MAX  

MAX wins two Saint Gobain Nova Innovation Awards.

suitX wins 2016 UAE Robotics for Good Competition.


State-of-the-art embedded intelligence makes our products accessible and practical.


Users have choices; they have the freedom to choose a module tailored for their intended activity.

Quality of Life

Our exoskeletons have been developed to solve common consumer problems.

Continuous R&D

Research and development are the cornerstones of this company and guarantee cutting edge, quality products.

suitX is hiring

suitX is a VC, industry and government funded start-up bringing advanced accessible exoskeletons to industrial and medical markets.  We are seeking passionate professionals in engineering, computer science, healthcare sciences, rehabilitation, sales and marketing.  See available positions.