Woman in front of a dark background wearing a SUITX BACK exoskeleton
Your choice for stationary workplaces


The IX BACK exoskeleton from SUITX by Ottobock is your reliable partner when it comes to heavy loads at stationary workplaces. Developed through collaboration with logistics and storage experts, this exoskeleton specifically supports and relieves the lumbar region of the spine during repetitive lifting. Unlike the IX BACK AIR, which also works great for more dynamic work environments with loads up to 20 kg (44 lbs), the IX BACK brings the extra power for those extra heavy tasks.

Health-promoting ergonomics

Ergonomics meets innovation

The IX BACK not only promotes back relief, it also ensures correct posture when lifting. Its innovative design guides users to bend their knees in an ergonomically correct manner when lifting and bending, instead of falling into a hollow back - an often neglected recommendation in practice that is realized through this. The biomechanical principle of the exoskeleton efficiently transfers the weight of the upper body and the load to the thighs, which noticeably relieves the back.

A woman against a dark background wears a SUITX IX BACK exoskeleton and grips an adjustment wheel on her left hip
Standing, bending and lifting, but ergonomically correct

Reliability and efficiency in one system

The IX BACK offers customized support for stationary workplaces. It combines efficiency with health-promoting ergonomics and significantly reduced absenteeism. Without an external power source, easy to use and with a fast donning time, it is the perfect choice for demanding stationary work environments.

Cutout of the body center of a person with crossed arms in front of his chest, wearing a SUITX IX BACK exoskeleton.

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