Futuring human performance


Futuring is just the beginning

Extra power for your health

Rear view of the SUITX IX SHOULDER AIR exoskeleton against a dark background
The perfect solution for over-shoulder work


Powered by AIR-Drive®
Ground-breaking shoulder relief harnessed through the power of natural body movement.

The IX SHOULDER AIR is the lightest of its kind and allows full freedom of movement. All of our IX AIR Series exoskeletons function without a battery and use only the body's own energy.

Combine them for everyday situations

An integrable neck support (CX EASY NECK) to relieve the cervical spine, the Shoulder Jacket for welding work, a strap for tool holders or use in combination with harnesses for personal protection against a fall.

The IX SHOULDER AIR offers solutions for many situations in everyday work.

Upper body of a woman wearing a SUITX IX BACK exoskeleton
A perfect match with the integrable neck support

The benefits

The IX SHOULDER AIR has benefited from the input of several thousand users' experiences. The outcome: straightforward adjustment features that enable users to don the exoskeleton in under 25 seconds. Moreover, the surfaces are easy to clean, and all textiles ensuring the Shoulder's hygiene are removable and washable.

Side view of the upper body of a woman wearing a SUITX SHOULDER AIR exoskeleton and looking to the left.
Easy to clean surface and washable textiles

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