Dynamic Shoulder Support

shoulderX V3 is the world's most advanced shoulder-supporting exoskeleton. The device counterbalances the weight of an arm or tool, comfortably redistributing loads onto the wearer's hips. shoulderX enables one to perform chest to ceiling level tasks for longer durations or with less effort. 


During simulated overhead tasks, shoulderX has reduced muscle activation by up to 81%.  Study participants reported reduced exertion across the shoulder, neck, and back regions and use of the exoskeleton was preferred by all over the unassisted condition. Read the research paper: Experimental Evaluation of a Shoulder-Support Exoskeleton for Overhead Work: Influences of Peak Torque Amplitude, Task, and Tool Mass


The third-generation industrial exoskeleton incorporates novel features based on the feedback obtained from numerous field evaluations across the globe, and boasts a 40 percent reduction in weight compared to the version 2 without losing any of its industry-leading characteristics. Like its predecessor, the new design does not use electric power, does not need batteries, is available in multiple configurations such as fire retardant, dust-proof and water-resistant and is specifically designed to withstand the harsh environments found in construction sites, manufacturing plants, and shipbuilding facilities. 


"The third-generation shoulderX exoskeleton proves suitX's ability in rapid development of innovative exoskeleton technologies and goes hand in hand with our wish to focus on our employees' well being, being at the forefront of the technological development as well as increasing the productivity of our factories globally." Mr. Claus Lindberg Nielsen, head of tooling at Siemens Gamesa. 


Competitive Edge

The ability to tune shoulderX assistance through the support level, peak force angle, and on/off adjustments allows for each user to get the maximum shoulder muscle relief for specific tools used, task characteristics, and individual preferences. 


Tool-less adjustments for the device's size and support help to reduce the inventory a customer must manage to fit a diverse workforce. No additional hardware management (cassettes, gas springs, frames, textiles, etc) is needed.


Novel human interface technology can automatically conform to each user's unique body shape to effectively distributes the support forces across a large surface area on the hips and lower back. This reduces slippage (sagging) between the wearer and the exoskeleton, thus need to perform micro-adjustments of the device during use. The added fans give ability to remove heat from the user, minimizing thermal discomfort.


  • Optimized Support: Support force gradually increases as the user lifts their arms and becomes near zero when the arms are lowered to one’s sides, allowing the user to rest arms naturally or reach for tools on their tool belt. 
  • Adjustable Support Level: Support capacity can be quickly changed between 5-12 lbs per arm to accommodate different user arm weights, tools, and fatigue levels. No separate cartridges or gas springs. 
  • Adjustable Support Angle: Support angle can be quickly changed between 60 to 120 degrees of peak support angle to accommodate different user heights and types of task. 
  • On/off Capability: Each actuator can be quickly turned off, rather than doffing the suit, to prevent the device from impeding a worker during breaks or secondary tasks. 
  • Adjustable Frame Size: Tool-less adjustments allow the suit to fit a range of worker height, waist size, shoulder width, and arm length (5%-95% of human dimensions)
  • Optimized Load Transfer: The lumbar supporting frame automatically conforms to each user's unique body shape, dispersing applied loads across a large surface area and reducing slippage (sagging) between the wearer and the exoskeleton
  • Active Cooling: Optional fans blow air onto the user’s back with adjustable intensity and angle to reduce thermal discomfort. 
  • Lightweight: shoulderX weighs 7 lbs (3.17 kg)
  • Batteries Not Required: Cleverly designed to reduce the risk of shoulder and arm injuries without the use of actuators and computers
  • Rugged: Waterproof, dustproof, and easy to maintain
  • Modular: One or two arm use, compatible with backXS V3 and  legX.
  • Compatible: Compatible with tool belts, allowing workers normal equipment to retain functionality
  • Quick Donning and Doffing: Less than 30 seconds to put on or take off
  • Fire Rated: Optional FR textiles are available for hot work

shoulderX in various applications

shoulderX is designed based on solid engineering foundations at the University of California, Berkeley and suitX with close attention to workers’ needs and feedback.  The assistance and feedback from users during multiple field evaluations in construction sites, material handling and logistics settings, shipbuilding facilities, foundries, assembly lines, airport baggage handling sites, and other industries have translated into features that makes shoulderX suitable for a variety of work environments.

Workers in jobs with a high risk of shoulder injury share common experiences; they all perform repetitive movements and endure prolonged periods of time in a posture with their arms raised. The best applications for shoulderX are those that require sustained work at chest to ceiling level with light to moderate weight tools.Examples include overhead assembly, paneling, electrical work, welding, grinding, picking, pruning, painting, inspection, and drilling.