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Ottobock and suitX join forces


Ottobock and suitX have joined to become a world leading provider of occupational exoskeletons. Ottobock, a global innovator for prosthetics, orthotics, and exoskeletons, today announced the acquisition of 100 percent of the shares of suitX. Ottobock and suitX are combining their expertise and products to take the exoskeleton market to a new level and to foster the worldwide adoption of exoskeletons. 

"I am thrilled about our new chapter of research and innovation with Ottobock. What truly resonates with me is that Ottobock stands for quality of life. Our research activities on robotic exoskeletons have received both public and private funding. Giving back to the world with our innovation is not only our duty, but also an honor. This step is a success not only for suitX but also for the University of California, Berkeley, where entrepreneurial endeavors are fostered to their greatest extent for the good of humans worldwide."

Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni


The 'Iron Man' body armour many of us may soon be wearing

Our Products

Reduce Exertion and fatigue of the shoulder, back, and leg

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Ottobock Shoulder ShoulderX BackX LegX

Our team leverages decades of experience to develop products that reduce muscle fatigue which reduces the risk of injury and improves the quality of life for our customer's workforce.

Reducing fatigue allows workers to do the same job with less effort.

“The exoskeleton has benefits across industries globally, showing an increase in productivity by assisting the users in their daily tasks."

- Physiotherapist, Fiat Chrysler Automotive

suitX exoskeletons are designed to assist you when you need it the most, with minimal disruption to your existing workflow.

shoulderX, backX and legX can be worn independently or in any combination to match the unique needs of the job.

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    Full complement of devices to address shoulder, back and knee fatigue. Seven different exoskeleton combinations available to support your unique needs.


    The third generation designs are available with a wide variety of options and accessories including Fire Rated and dust-proof configurations, cooling fans, neck support, molle pouch compatibility etc. 


    Sales and support in every major market. 



  • Modular Design

    Allowing the user to independently put on and remove each piece

    Lightweight and Agile

    Minimized weight provides the user more control and agility

    Wheelchair Compatible

    Compact size allows Exoskeleton to be worn while in the wheelchair

    Exchangeable Battery Packs

    Maximize device operation time and user peace of mind


    State-of-the-art embedded intelligence makes our products accessible and practical


    Users have the freedom to choose module combinations tailored for their intended activity

    Quality of Life

    Our exoskeletons have been developed to solve common consumer problems

    Continuous R&D

    Research and development are the cornerstones of this company. We guarantee cutting edge quality products



    SuitX is Hiring

    SuitX is a VC, industry and government funded company bringing advanced accessible exoskeletons to industrial and medical markets. 

    We are seeking passionate professionals in engineering, computer science, healthcare sciences, rehabilitation, sales and marketing.  See available positions.