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Active Relief for Knee Pain and Fatigue


legX is a revolutionary exoskeleton that supports the user's knees, allowing them to squat repeatedly or for prolonged periods of time with ease. Research has shown that it can reduce muscle strain in the quadriceps around the knee joint while squatting. 

The size of the exoskeleton, and the amount of support it provides, can be customized for the user based on their individual needs. The legX offers two distinct functions: Smart Mode and Locking Mode, which can be used independently or in combination. 

In the Smart Mode, the system gets out of the way while walking or going up and down stairs. It automatically engages while squatting and transfers part of the user's weight, past their knee, to the ground. In this mode, the user gets assistance on the way down as well as on the way up. In the Locking Mode, the exoskeleton can be used like a chair that can be adjusted to multiple heights. 

Academic Papers on legX

"Significant reduction of the rectus femoris activity was observed with the exoskeleton (median reduction: 22%–56% and peak reduction: 12%–48% for the panel task and median reduction: 57% and peak reduction:34% during the floor task)."

" legX significantly reduces rectus femoris activity during squatted static (floor) and dynamic (panel) work and may reduce pain and discomfort associated with squatting and potentially reduce the risk of developing knee disorders. Dynamic tasks benefit from both locking modes and spring assistance, the greatest benefit occurring with a combination of the two."

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Reduces Knee Muscle Fatigue and Forces

Substantially reduces effort of the quadricep muscles, thus reducing knee joint force.


The device recognizes the difference between non-strenuous activities like walking and difficult activities like prolonged squatting. It does not impede locomotion when the user is in an upright position, and automatically triggers to provide support when transitioning to a squatted posture. This intelligent design allows for the best support and the highest freedom of movement while wearing the device.

Low Profile

An anthropomorphic profile and adjustable sizing allows for natural movement and intuitive awareness of one’s position within tight spaces.


Unlike upper extremity exoskeletons, the weight of the legX and the forces it generates are transferred directly to the ground. This reduces the load on the user’s joints, making it easier to perform tasks low to the ground.

Works with Existing Gear

legX can be worn together with standard worker equipment such as tool belts, tyvek suits, respirators, etc.

Three Compatible Modules

legX is compatible with the shoulderX and backX. Modules can be combined to make 7 different exoskeletons to provide a customized solution for every task.

Adjustable Support 

The amount of support can be adjusted to best suit the needs of the job.

Adjustable Size

legX is adjustable to a wide variety of sizes and can support up to 250lbs.

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Our Experience Packages

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Duration of 3 Weeks

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