SuitX Exoskeletons for Workers - Article in Spanish

La industria automotriz ya incorpora a sus cadenas de montaje los nuevos trajes robóticos que convierten a los empleados en trabajadores sobrehumanos, aumentado su fuerza y resistencia, reduciendo su fatiga y evitándoles lesiones.

Texas man debuts SuitX Exoskeleton at SXSW

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Exame reports on the use of SuitX exoskeleton at Fiat Brazil.


suitX is features in Fox News. A number of Fortune 500 companies in the automobile, construction, and shipping industries have purchased hundreds of robotic-assistant devices from Suit X.

ABI Research forecasts the robotic exoskeleton market to reach $1.8 billion in 2025, compared to $68 million in 2014. This year, about 6,000 such suits will be sold, mainly for rehabilitation. By 2025, ABI expects to see about 2.6 million suits on the market.