SuitX Exoskeletons for Workers - Article in Spanish

La industria automotriz ya incorpora a sus cadenas de montaje los nuevos trajes robóticos que convierten a los empleados en trabajadores sobrehumanos, aumentado su fuerza y resistencia, reduciendo su fatiga y evitándoles lesiones.

Texas man debuts SuitX Exoskeleton at SXSW

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Exame reports on the use of SuitX exoskeleton at Fiat Brazil.


suitX is features in Fox News. A number of Fortune 500 companies in the automobile, construction, and shipping industries have purchased hundreds of robotic-assistant devices from Suit X.

ABI Research forecasts the robotic exoskeleton market to reach $1.8 billion in 2025, compared to $68 million in 2014. This year, about 6,000 such suits will be sold, mainly for rehabilitation. By 2025, ABI expects to see about 2.6 million suits on the market.

"...this will help keep us healthy and working longer with less fatigue and pain than we would unassisted. The applications are manifold and insurance claims and health care costs certainly reduced..."