A new exoskeleton – a robotic suit worn by a person to greatly increase their abilities – that aims to turn manufacturing and medical workers into bionic robots has been unveiled.

SuitX has qualified for the semi-final round of the UAE Robotics and Ai Award for Good International Competition for the development of an affordable exoskeleton targeting children with neurological disorders. The competition finals, as well as a live demonstration will take place in Dubai...

On Wednesday,  November 18th, SuitX (US Bionics) received the third place award for MAX Industrial System at the NOVA Innovation Competition hosted by Saint Gobain.

SuitX (U.S.Bionics) has received a SBIR Phase II grant for almost $750,000 from the National Science Foundation. U.S. Bionics was awarded this grant after the successful completion of research and demonstrating the commercialization potential of its technology during the Phase I grant period.

Phoenix (Beta Model)  was demonstarted in Rome on December 5th 2014.

Thanks to our affordable exoskeletons, persons with mobility disorders can enjoy activities they could not previously.

Steven Sanchez shares his experience of being a test pilot for our exoskeletons