PHOENIX Medical Exoskeleton

PHOENIX Medical Exoskeleton

The PHOENIX Medical Exoskeleton is the world's lightest and most advanced exoskeleton designed to help people with mobility disorders to be upright and mobile. In the clinic, at home, and in the workplace Phoenix has successfully enabled many individuals to stand up, walk about, and speak to peers eye-to-eye.  Phoenix has only two actuators at its hip; the knee joints are designed to allow support during stance and ground clearance during swing. Phoenix is considered an investigational device and currently not available in the United States. 


PHOENIX is Featured in:

Reuters The Baron CNET 2018 CES
EdgeHealth WIRED MIT Review BBC
Mashable TechCrunch Futurism PBS


Major Features of PHOENIX:

  • A modular exoskeleton allowing the user to independently put on and remove each piece.
  • Weighs only 12.25kg (27 lbs), affording greater agility.
  • A speed of 1.1 miles/hour (0.5 m/sec) has been clocked by a Phoenix user.  However, the maximum speed depends on the individual user.
  • On a single charge, Phoenix can walk for 4 hours continuously or 8 hours intermittently.
  • Phoenix is adjustable for different size users and can be easily configured to fit individual conditions.
  • An intuitive interface makes it easy for users to control standing up, sitting down and walking.
  • Phoenix can comfortably be worn while seated in a wheelchair.

Apply to become a Phoenix Test Pilot in San Francisco Bay Area

Phoenix is marketed in Europe by Meccanica per I'Elettronica e Servomeccanismi s.p.a. (MES)

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