Heavy Radiation Aprons Have Caused Injuries

“cardiologists who wore lead aprons had a significantly higher incidence of skeletal complaints and more days missed from work because of back pain thandid individuals of the control group....Wearing a 15-pound lead apron can place pressures of up to 300 pounds per square inch of intravertebral discs.”

- Pelz, David Low back pain, lead aprons, and the Angiographer. Am J Neuroradiology, August 2000


“Musculoskeletal pain varied significantly by job description, with the highest incidence reported by technicians (62%) and nurses (60%) followed by attending physicians (44%) and trainees (19%; p < 0.001).”

-Orme, Nicholas et el Occupational Health Hazards of Working in the Interventional Laboratory: A Multisite Case Control Study of Physicians and Allied Staff. Am J Cardiol Volume 65, Issue 8, 3 March 2015


Protect the Spine and Shoulders with shieldX

shieldX, worn under the radiation shield apron, is an effective exoskeleton that reduces spinal loading by transferring the entire apron weight from the shoulders to the buttocks and hips. The low profile design can be worn under most aprons, all day long, without the user's shoulders, neck, or back feeling fatigued.

The patented frame design is adapted from the award winning shoulderX technology and conforms to each users unique body shape while promoting healthy standing postures. Aircraft grade aluminum and durable polycarbonate transfer the loads along the spinal column, while a breathable mesh hammock and plush hip padding comfortably secure the frame to the body. Optional fans provide active cooling, sucking air from the apron's cavity around the legs and blowing it upwards towards the head and arms. 


  • Removes 100% of the apron weight off the user’s shoulders.
  • Adjustable height to fit users 5”6 to 6”4 tall.
  • Flexible hip frame conforms to 28-60” waist.
  • Optional fan attachments for cooling airflow.
  • Breathable mesh lumbar support promotes healthy standing posture and prevents slipping over time.
  • Removable textiles for hygiene.
  • Don/doff time is 10 seconds.
  • Familiar backpack style interface.
  • Lightweight- 3.5 lbs; all weight is applied to the hips, nothing on the shoulder.
  • Low profile - can be worn under any radiation apron.



shieldX is solely designed to remove the weight of a shielding apron from the spine and shoulder by placing it onto the buttocks and hips. As seen in the photos, shieldX lifts the apron off of the user’s shoulders, potentially altering protective coverage of the apron on the body. It is the buyer’s responsibility to assess any changes in protective coverage due to the use of shieldX.

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